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10 Tips For Better B2B Marketing

In May 22, 2014

It’s a shame that you don’t come across better B2B marketing on a daily basis—that it’s not the kind of engaging or entertaining stuff that gets brought up around the water cooler. Why is that? Why is it only the beer commercials, soda spots and cell phone ads that get talked about? Why don’t we all band together and do something about that?

In no particular order, here are 10 tips that can help you produce better B2B marketing. While there are no earth-shattering little nuggets on the following list, these “rules” are often disregarded by those working to market their product or service to other companies for some reason. Sure, some rules were made to be broken. But these weren’t. Let’s stick together and stick to ‘em.

  1. Set the bar high.
  2. Don’t go into the process content with developing something that will simply get the job done. Without someone pushing to do something that gets noticed, something that generates buzz, mediocrity will win out. Before better B2B marketing can happen, you’ve got to really want it and be willing to fight for it.

  3. Think of your B2B customer as a C first.
  4. The guy who is laughing his derriere off at the latest SportsCenter commercial is often the same guy who goes into the office the next day to take care of his multi-national business. It’s not two separate guys with two separate brains. So simply focus on connecting with that person as an individual, and forget about whether they are a B or C.

  5. Be single-minded.
  6. Spend some time to figure out what one thing really sets your brand apart from your competition. What is the single-most compelling benefit of working with your company or buying your product? It’s not a laundry list, it’s one thing. Find it. Then BE that one thing in everything you do.

  7. Avoid tired words and phrases.
  8. Innovation. Quality. Care. Service. Words like these all have swell definitions, but have been so overused in marketing that they’ve completely lost their meaning. Does that mean you need to come up with a new position if something like “service” is what truly sets you apart? Nope. You just need to come up with a different way to talk about it.

  9. Put down the shotgun.
  10. Better B2B marketing is easier to achieve if you don’t try to be in too many places at once. Instead of using the shotgun approach in which you splatter your message in as many places as possible, aim at hitting one medium really hard. Your message at really low levels in a myriad of media outlets often isn’t as effective as being inescapable in just one or two places.

  11. Find a hook.
  12. It could be a memorable visual device. It could be a really catchy line. It could be a fresh, attention-grabbing guerilla idea. It could be the world’s most perfect sponsorship opportunity. Of course, it’s not usually the very first idea you come across. It takes some digging. But it’s something many B2C advertisers strive to do that B2B marketers should shoot for as well.

  13. Leave the laughs to the pros.
  14. There’s nothing worse than jokes that aren’t funny. Humor can be a tremendously powerful tool in advertising and marketing, but there’s an art to it. It takes a special talent to craft funny advertising. Be sure the folks writing and/or producing the work have experience making people laugh. It’ll lead to better B2B marketing.

  15. Zig if everyone else is zagging.
  16. Ever get a call from one of those business publications about an upcoming issue that is featuring your category, so they recommend you run an ad? What a concept! Do you really want to run an ad alongside every competitor in your field? Instead, try to find places where your target audience is and your competitors aren’t! That’s a way better option.

  17. Run it by someone not in the target audience.
  18. Ads that hit home with your target audience are great. Ads that do this on top of connecting with the general population are even better. Word of mouth is so powerful that you want to get as many mouths talking as possible, regardless of what field they are in. Because you never know who knows whom.

  19. Be disciplined.
  20. Great marketing takes hard work. Thus, creating better B2B marketing is no exception. Take the time to take the steps necessary to do the job right. Evaluate and understand the market, find a viable position, develop very clear objectives, and so on. Far too much B2B advertising seems to be created on the fly. Better B2B marketing is grounded. You’ve got to do the work.

If you’re setting out on a mission to create better B2B marketing yourself, perhaps you’d find some proof of these theories to be useful and inspiring. Chances are we have more than one example that would be very relevant to the challenge you are facing. Click hereto see our case studies.

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