Tools for Organizing your Desktop

4 Tools To Help You Organize Desktop Icons

By Kathleen Battin
In April 11, 2013

It is finally starting to feel like spring in Cleveland! Aside from outdoor activities that many are finally participating in thanks to the warmer weather, many people take part in the traditional “spring cleaning” of their houses. But what many of us don’t think about is “spring cleaning” your office – particularly your computer desktop. Here are a few simple-to-use tools to help you spring clean and organize desktop icons on your computer.


If you are operating on Windows, but really love the Mac OS interface, then I suggest you take a look at ObjectDock for organizing your desktop icons. ObjectDock enables you to download a similar dock to that of the Mac’s dock. Once the dock is downloaded, you can move it anywhere on your computer desktop. Organize your desktop icons by dropping them into the dock. All icons can be easily dragged, dropped and removed from the dock. The dock also comes with useful dockets such as calendar and weather. After downloading ObjectDock, you have the ability to hide the Windows task bar and utilize only the dock. It’s just like using a Mac, but you’re not! This tool for organizing your desktop icons is free to download.

Organize your desktop with ObjectDock


You can easily overcome clutter and organize your desktop icons with Dexpot. Dexpot allows you to create virtual desktops rather than just one, which is great if you have multiple projects you are working on. From the way you get from one virtual desktop to another, to its large number of desktops, Dexpot is incredibly customizable and offers a variety of plug-ins. And because keeping track of your virtual desktops may be a bit difficult, Dexpot includes visual hints by keeping the virtual desktops and applications they contain in view.

If you are struggling with your 15-inch laptop monitor, Dexpot is a great solution for you. For personal use, this software is free.

rganize your desktop with Dexpot


Gather all of your applications to one place on your computer desktop with Tiles. This free software allows you to organize your desktop by dragging files and folders to a stylized sidebar that can be placed wherever you want on your desktop. From there, you can swipe through the pages of your sidebar to view different sets of icons. Along with deciding where you want to place the sidebar, you can also customize its size and behavior, such as “Activate on a hotkey” and hide the sidebar using the autohide feature. Tiles is free to download.

Organize your desktop with Tiles


Fences happens to be the world’s most popular desktop enhancement for Windows, which isn’t very surprising. This tool pretty much blew me away by its ability to organize desktop icons, as well as integrate customization functions. In a nutshell, Fences allows you to create large shaded boxes called fences where you can place several folders and files. Within these fences, you can sort files by name, change the way they are viewed such as thumbnail or list and change the color so that they match your desktop background theme. So, for example, if I had several folders on my desktop named creative briefs in review, creative briefs to write and deadline charts, I can create a fence named Jobs in Progress and send and organize all these desktop icons to that one fence.

Another really cool function is the ability to swipe your desktop screen like you would an iPad or iPhone screen. This allows you to hide fences that you may not use as much. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for this tool after 30 days.

Organize your desktop with Fences

Do you have a tool that you love and use to organize your desktop icons? If so, I would love to hear about it! Just leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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