Kohls Kiosk A Retail Shopping Win Win

A Retail Win-Win

In September 16, 2014

So it’s been rumored I like to camp. And fish. And bike in every possible definition of the term. These activities I enjoy so much don’t require much. A tent. Some rods. A couple of bikes. And clothes. Sweet moisture-wicking shirts and shorts and socks that feel and look good all day. My old shorts are moving into retirement (meaning you can see what color underwear I have on) so I thought it’d be advantageous to take a trip to Kohl’s and check out the deal racks. The 60 to 80% deal racks, that is! Can’t beat it. Can’t beat the fantastic brands they carry, either. Nike, Columbia and Adidas, just to name a few. It just took a minute to fall in love with a pair of Columbia camp shorts in an olive drab color that had a little zip pocket on the leg. Perfect! Size 34! Cost, TWENTY BUCKS! Also perfect! I’m in camp apparel euphoria. My pulse quickened. I ran with these suckers into the dressing room. I dropped my ol’ faithfuls and threw on my new Columbia’s and all my excitement came screeching to a halt. I couldn’t get the button to the hole even if I were lying on my back. Way too tight. Way too sad. I felt fat. I went back to the rack, sadly hung them back up and wasted another 45 minutes trying to find the exact pair in 36. It never happened. My dreams of climbing Everest and mountain biking the entire country of Peru in my new shorts quickly vanished. I sadly drove home.

Days later I was near the store again and thought maybe I should have asked the cashier if they could look up a pair in another store. So I did exactly that. I found the same pair and brought them up to the nearest Kohl’s associate. I asked if there was any way of looking these up in a “husky” size and she simply rolled her eyes and asked, “Did you check sizes on the kiosk?” Ummmmmmm, no. She noticed my confusion right away and directed me down the main aisle to this card swiping ATM-looking thing. Ah, the Kohl’s Kiosk, a 7-foot tall wedge-shaped shopping tool that guys like me could easily figure out how to use. Just scan what you have in your hands and boom, all of the information on colors, sizes and similar items popped up on the screen. I typed in size 36 in the same color I fell in love with and “nearby store” info yielded a big goose egg. But then came the fireworks. Kiosk said they have that exact pair with the zipper pocket on the leg in olive drab in a 36 in the warehouse! And it was still just TWENTY BUCKS! But as an additional incentive to hit the purchase button (like I wasn’t going to already), it also offered free shipping! I swiped my card and entered some shipping info. That was all it took. They got my money and I got a slice of late summer heaven in a perfect fit. And yes, my behind does look amazing in these, thank you very much. How smart is this?! They nailed the whole concept of, “get every last penny out of ‘em while they’re here” and got me exactly what I wanted! Definitely a win-win!

Columbia Camping Shorts


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