The perfect agency fit changes every day

On one day, you might require a wonderfully talented graphic designer to help create your new brand identity. Another day, you need a long-format writer to tackle your annual report. Later that same day, you suddenly need a motion graphics guru…plus a witty writer to feed words to that tech wizard. For the typical agency, having the absolute best person for each of these tasks in-house is beyond difficult. It’s impossible. The ever-expanding array of disciplines and specialties you might need to tap into are simply too diverse today for an agency to maintain a full-time staff optimized to cover them all with precisely the right talent. It’s just a fact.

So Partners Riley faced the fact head-on. We didn’t ask, “What adjustments should we make?” We asked “How would we design an agency for today if we could start from scratch?” The answer: we’d design it like Partners Riley.

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“What's the deal with the bee and flower?”

Sure, it’s a cool mark…looks great on t-shirts and hats. But more importantly, it reflects our belief that every client/agency relationship should be as symbiotic as possible—win-win situations in which both parties benefit and thrive. More than an idealistic thought, the unique Partners Riley structure actually makes it possible. Our non-traditional approach gives our clients the benefit of custom-built teams which are more perfectly suited for every task at hand, delivering a higher degree of competence and specialization on every project. And, on the flip side, it gives us the opportunity to work with a greater variety of top-tier talent and focus on doing the kind of work we love doing, and spend less time on the policies and politics of managing a large and complex full-time staff. A true win-win situation. A true symbiotic relationship.

Why it's good to be bee-like

Super Collaborative






Ability to swarm

The level of talent and experience on the Partners Riley core team is what makes this innovative model work. With well over 100 years of combined experience in the disciplines of strategy, creative, research and media, the Partners Riley team is quite adept at building the foundation of a branding and advertising plan and then forming and directing a swarm of talent to bring it to life. Accustomed to working with dozens of trusted independent partners throughout the year, Partners Riley delivers all the firepower you’ve come to expect from a full-service agency. Only with a higher degree of customization.

Your part at Partners Riley

Partners doesn’t get top billing for just any ol’ reason. The concept of creating strong partnerships is central to everything we do at Partners Riley. It not only describes how we work with our trusted industry pros, but defines our best clients, as well. It’s pretty black and white. Those marketers seeking a mere vendor develop a relationship that remains very transactional. In stark contrast, those who embrace the idea of a partnership often create a situation that becomes transformational. We’ve seen it over and over again. Closer, more collaborative relationships simply yield a level of speed, fluidity and quality of work not otherwise possible.

Because of our unique M.O., it’d be quicker to list what we don’t do. We’ve always handled most every marcom task imaginable with primarily internal resources, with the exception being full-blown PR initiatives and the heavy lifting of back-end interactive work. These days, with strong strategic alliances even in those disciplines and our already robust bullpen of trusted outside professionals, virtually everything under the marketing communications sun is on our “can-do” list…all delivered with the convenience of a single point of contact.


How we spend our time

When you understand you’re always trying to connect with people (P), you always get better results.

B2B - 50%
B2C - 50%
B2P - 100%

How we evolved

Meldrum & Fewsmith
Part of our core team dates back to this Midwest powerhouse agency.


Agency was purchased by Canadian company with designs on U.S. supremacy.


Melamed Riley
Wolf plan fizzled with dot-com crash. So we bought back our highly successful Cleveland office.


Partners Riley
After 10 years of using an inherited agency model, we figured it was time to use our own.