X-RAY Comic Book Ad

Bizzaro vintage Comic Book Ads From Days Gone By

By Staff Writer
In May 14, 2013

If you read comic books as a kid, you might remember salivating over some of these bizarre advertisements offering anything from fake mustaches to x-ray glasses. While some of these vintage ads had some pretty cool artwork, most were as terribly designed as the cheap products they offered. Here’s a look back at some of the more enticing ones.

Sea Monkeys Comic Book Ad

A bowlful of happiness!

Sea Monkeys Comic Book Ad

You’ll shoot your eye out!

X-Ray Glasses Comic Book Ad

Look right through the flesh and see the bones underneath!

Kryptonite Rocks Comic Book Ad

For $2.50 you can have your very own rock from outer space.

Fake Mustaches Comic Book Ad

Fool your friends with fake sideburns and mustaches—simulated natural hair!

Inflatable Dinosaurs Comic Book Ad

Who am I kidding? I want seven of these today.

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