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Branding The Solution, Not The Problem

As experts in branding, we at Partners Riley have developed an appreciation for the comprehensiveness of web development for communicating a brand. While the functionality of a site needs to serve the primary purposes of either e-commerce or as an informational resource, when all is said and done, it really should capture the user experience and core essence of the brand. After a visitor has the solution to their informational or transactional needs, they should also feel as though they thoroughly know the company or product they just interacted with.

So, when we began work on our latest website design project with our clients at California Products Corporation, we focused on the totality of the business proposition represented by their new solution to household mold and mildew remediation. Based on years of innovation and expertise on the commercial side of this product area, Storm Mold & Mildew Solutions is a rarity among brand introductions because it’s not only formulated with new technology to the Consumer market, it’s a proven technology that is truly professional grade. Using industry best practices derived from remediation pros in the field, it’s a proprietary 3-step system that not only delivers results for DIYers, it also provides a new (3-product!) source of revenue for independent dealers and home centers.

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One of the key business issues in the mold and mildew remediation category at the Consumer level is the pervasiveness of the home remedy. That means bleach. And while bleach has been proven effective through the years in ersatz “field testing,” it is usually a temporary solution to a lingering problem. Not to mention that it’s highly toxic and can damage many materials that it may accidentally come in contact with. The unique 3-step process of the Storm Mold & Mildew Solutions brand Cleans, Kills and Controls each with a specialized product formulated specifically for each purpose. Each step in the system accomplishes a critical objective in the process:

Branding The Solution

Storm Mold & Mildew Solutions System

Step 1 CLEAN: Is a proprietary hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner to clear away the existing mold and grime.
Step 2 KILL: Wipes out mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria that cleaning alone will not.
Step 3 Control: Provides a preventative shield against future recurrences.

To support this, every single detail of was considered against the goal of communicating this simple, professional-grade systemic approach to a very serious issue faced by millions of homeowners. So whether you have this particular DIY problem or not, click on over to our latest website design project and see how we’ve managed to brand the solution. And drive business.

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