QR Code Locations

Crazy Locations Marketers Have Placed QR Codes

By Kathleen Battin
In March 22, 2012

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve been seeing a lot of small squares, often black and white, 2D barcodes that advertisers seem to be placing on anything and everything. And by everything, I mean everything — from traditional media like print ads to guerilla marketing and even condoms. Quick Response codes, more commonly known as QR codes, a useful tool for marketers to pass on tons more information than is typically digestible in a simple direct mailer or one page ad. They are a marketer’s dream come true. Alas, the days of hoping the target audience remembers a URL are over. All they need to do is whip out their smartphone, which seems to be affixed to their hand anyway, point and scan!

While everything you need to know about a given product or service is only a scan away, the first key to successfully using QR codes starts with giving the viewer something worth scanning. The second is to give them the ability to actually scan the code. Recently I’ve come across some crazy places that marketers have been placing QR codes and I have to wonder, are they just using them because it’s the cool thing to do? Based on these examples, I’d have to say yes.

QR Code Billboard

Unless Spiderman is in town, I’m guessing this QR code will get zero scans.

QR Code on a Plane

Please tell me their target audience is seagulls.

QR Code in a Subway

Scan at your own risk.

And while there are some pretty awful places to put QR codes, when they are placed appropriately, there are surprisingly a lot of creative ways to utilize them. Take a look at these few examples that really caught my eye.

Disney QR Code

Mickey, Donald and my personal favorite, Stitch!

CR Code of Cans

Note to self for next can castle food drive contest.

QR Code made of Oreos

Must confess, I almost ate my computer when I saw this gem.

QR Code made of bed bugs

Of course, I had to include an example from our archives. The creative team came up with this QR code for a print ad when teasing one of our client’s newest products, the Verifi bed bug detector. This code is made up of hundreds of tiny hotel rooms, hospital rooms, bedrooms and a few teeny-tiny bed bugs. Can you find them all? There are three.

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