Simple Holiday Party Idea

Ho Ho Holy Moly, That Was Brilliant! A Simple Yet Creative Holiday Party Idea.

In December 18, 2014

It’s Monday, two days before the Inforce Technologies Holiday extravaganza and Brian MacKenzie, it’s founder and president, needs our help. Nothing major, just a cutsie holiday party idea for a couple dozen water bottles. He came to me with the simple project and I told him it would not be a problem to slap their logo on a blue strip of paper and call it a day. But I thought it would be fun to try to add some holiday sweetness to the already bland clear liquid. I couldn’t come up with any crazy cool ideas (other than coloring the water blue with some kool aid) so I turned to Rick Riley for some creative brainstorming. BaBOOM! He grabbed a yellow sticky pad and scribbled H2O H2O H2O on it. Said it read HO HO HO if you kinda hide the “2”! This all took place within one rotation of the second hand. We high-fived. I layed out a few different looks and came up with this…..

Water Bottle Holiday Party Idea

I presented the mocked-up holiday party water bottle idea to Brian and he loved it! Told us we were awesome and kissed me on the forehead (well, that’s how I remember it) and gave me the go ahead to make 30 more. Yeah, we’ve done more elaborate and complex pieces and campaigns and such, but I love how the lightbulb sometimes just turns on as quickly as it did for this little project.

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  1. Great idea Darin!

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