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How To Succeed In Advertising: Become A Quick Change Artist

In October 13, 2014

The world of marketing and advertising is changing more rapidly every day. For the longest time, dating back to the Mad Men era, creating an ad campaign basically meant coming up with some TV, radio, outdoor, and print. Done. Let’s have a drink. Oh, wait, we were already drinking. Let’s have some more drinks!

Then Al Gore invented the internet and kablooee. The whole party went to Hell in a hand basket—a hand basket being advertised on a 468 X 60 banner ad. Then throw in email marketing. Social media. The blogging phenomenon. One new thing after another just kept coming at us and complicating the equation. For clients, the new conundrum became “Where do we spend our ad dollars?” For agencies, the big question was “How are we going to get all of this done?”

As a longtime agency guy, I do have an answer (perhaps the only answer) to that second big question. Be flexible. I don’t mean half-moon-twist yoga pose flexible. I’m talkin’ Gumby flexible! Because not only do the platforms and technologies change at an incredibly rapid rate, so do clients. With the average tenure of a company’s Chief Marketing Officer being somewhere around three years, your footing these days is about as secure as wearing rollerskates while log rolling. You need to be able to adapt at a moment’s notice to not only what the market demands, but what your ever-changing clients demand.

The traditional ad agency model created back in the days of Don Draper just wasn’t built to accommodate the dynamic nature of the industry today. It’s no wonder a quick Google search on the topic will yield endless articles and discussions about the “death of the traditional agency,” and why you’re seeing markedly new models starting to pop up across the country and around the globe. Ours happens to be one of them.

The newly launched Partners Riley (evolved from Melamed Riley) was built to be Gumby-like. It’s a model that allows clients’ needs to essentially design the agency. Instead of trying to guess what sort of art directors, writers, designers and developers we’ll need from day to day (because they’re all different), we let the client’s projects tell us. How we pull it off is a little complicated to go into now. But what I can tell you is it’s liberating! And without a doubt, it’s better for clients.

Simply put, the one-size-fits-all agency model of the past promoted “compromise” in staffing for projects. Rather than tap into an outside resource that may be better suited for a client’s particular project, an agency would be inclined to “make do” with someone already on staff if at all possible. After all, these folks are on the payroll, so you better use ‘em. The Partners Riley model removes those fiscally-fortified handcuffs. It frees us to employ whoever is best for the job, providing clients with a team of top talent tailor-made for every job at hand.

To learn more about this new model, visit our ABOUT page. Or, if you prefer, just give us a holler. We’d love to tell you more. And, in the meantime, we humbly offer one piece of advice. Limber up. Stretch. Be ready to quickly move this way or that. Change isn’t only in the air, it is the air. Better breathe it in if you want to survive.

Rick Riley

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