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Ken And Rick Both Turn 50

By Staff Writer
In February 15, 2011

There are some brands that have been around longer than I’ve been on the planet that in no way appear old, sleepy or out-of-touch. So as my own personal brand turned 50 years old with the passing of my big b-day just a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking to some of these still-hot classics for inspiration on staying young and youthful, fresh and relevant. And what better role model could there be than the Ken Doll, also celebrating his 50th? Here are a few things I’m considering to stay as cool as my man from Mattel.

Give up yoga. Flexibility is way overrated. Ken’s Frankenstein-like limberness has never slowed him down.

Expand the wardrobe. I’ve got to break out of my two-week rotation of favorites and take some tips from Ken’s closet, which is insanely diverse.

Find a tall, gorgeous 50-something blonde. Let’s face it, without Barbie there’d be no Ken.

Use lots more hair gel. Not a single hair on Ken’s head is ever out of place. The hair helmet works.

Consider some career changes. I’ve been in the ad agency world for about 23 years. In that same amount of time, Ken has been a doctor, painter, fashion model, cowboy, lifeguard, actor, marine, prince and an Olympic gold medalist … just to name a few.

Castration. Okay, I’m holding off on this one. But it does possibly explain how Ken was able to accomplish so much in his life. The guy’s got focus!

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