Lebron James, The King of the Internet

Lebron James, The King of the Internet

By Staff Writer
In July 14, 2014

Lebron’s much anticipated decision 2.0 has been made and the internet ate it up. Simply Measured reported that the article that King James himself wrote with a little help from Sports Illustrated was closing in on 1 million clicks just hours after being posted:

“Sports Illustrated’s link to the announcement has amassed nearly 1 million bit.ly clicks, peaking at 24,418 clicks-per-minute at 9:32 AM.”

You can read Simply Measured’s full report here.

With all the hype, it was only natural for brands to jump on this hot social media trend. Here are some real-time marketing examples from the #WelcomeHomeLebron surge, some good and some not-so-good. Let’s kick-off the list with the King himself:

























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