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Leveraging Your Brand Essence: DAP Spec Line

By John Butler
In October 16, 2014

While many agencies in the marketing communications field will tell you that development of a client’s brand essence is a creative process, Partners Riley does not believe that it is. We counsel the companies we work with that it is in fact a process of discovery and a product of hard work, strategic thinking and focus. A brand essence is the singular, compelling idea that your product or service stands for—so it needs to be rooted in the objective facts that best communicate your value proposition.

Anyone who’s worked with our team can quickly identify our Brand Essence model. Our competitors would contend that it needs more “stuff.” We, however, feel as though it is a better, more actionable way of capturing a client’s brand essence because it is relatively “stuff”-free.

Brand Essence Wheel

Here’s a great example of leveraging the resulting Brand Essence strategy our development process—and our Brand Essence model—represents in a project we did for DAP:

Launching a professional grade brand presents significant challenges. People who depend upon a manufacturer’s product in order to establish their own professional reputations are justifiably a tough crowd to please. It raises the bar even more when it’s a Consumer brand (even a world-renowned, best-in-class Consumer brand!) entering the professional market. This was the situation we faced when DAP—the world’s leading manufacturer of caulks, sealants and adhesives—approached us to help them introduce a new contractor-grade line of products designed primarily for pros who install windows, doors and siding.

Based on a market assessment and a painstaking process of isolating, prioritizing and focusing, the brand essence we developed for this launch:

Dap Spec Line Brand Essence

The idea behind the line of products was simple. So the brand essence needed to capture that. Since pros are supposed to meet certain manufacturer and industry specifications when installing windows, doors and siding, DAP developed a simple numeric system for the new line that quickly matched the right DAP professional strength product to the job at hand based on the required spec.

DAP Spec Line Brand ID

Mirroring the simplicity of the brand essence, we christened this new product concept The DAP Spec Line. Since the products were named for the performance specification that they met, pros literally asked for them by name, thus validating the brand tagline, “What the job demands.” What could be simpler—or make trial of this new commercial brand more of a rational choice?

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