T-mobile Customer Service


In October 25, 2012

After taking an “iPhone vs. Any Other Cell Phone” poll here at Melamed Riley, the ratio of MR peeps owning the Apple was exactly 2:1. Other notable ratios of this magnitude are Coke vs. Any Other Pop, McDonald’s vs. Any Other Fast Food and Nike vs. Any Other Shoe. Okay, I’m guesstimating here, so don’t go bonkers over my numbers. I’m a Dr. Pepper fan, love Taco Bell, and sport K-Swiss running shoes. I am also on the Android side of cellular devices. No iPhone for me. I love them. I think it’s an awesome device and everybody here raves about them. And the phones are, of course, super-compatible with our Macs. In fact, someday I hope to own one! So why did I just purchase a too-big-to-be-a-phone yet too-small-to-be-a-tablet Galaxy S, you ask (and I have been asked)? Loyalty. Period. I’m a dedicated T-mobile customer and plan on being one until one of us is gone. It all starts with customer service. Looking back, I think it all actually started with a shopping mall kiosk dude who I couldn’t avoid while I was at Great Northern Mall Christmas shopping. Just like that, I had my first cell phone. No web, no unlimited anything. It didn’t even flip. Or slide. Or twist. And it wasn’t Catherine Zeta-Jones either that lured me in and it’s not Carly Foulkes who is keeping me there. It’s the pleasant and oh-so-helpful voice on the other end of the conversation and the extremely helpful T-mobile employees working in one of the three stores in my area. I haven’t had a bad experience with any one of them in all of my 11 years. Just kind and well-educated people making me feel comfortable about my service. We all love that warm and fuzzy feeling, right? Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are many other companies with outstanding service and tech support but finding them may be an exercise in futility. Funny thing is, now as I research facts and figures for this blog, I hear T-mobile may be carrying the iPhone by 2013 and are already making their network capable of supporting Apple products. Do I see an iPhone 7 in my near future? Hell yeah!

Darin Hintz

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