Rick Riley of Partners Riley

Rick Riley

Creative Director / Partner
Email: rriley@partnersriley.com

One of the surprisingly few ad veterans who actually went to college with dreams of becoming a copywriter, Rick still maintains decades later an undying passion for the business that shows in all his work.

What excites me about the Partners Riley way of working is it allows me to focus so much more on the creative product we produce. That’s what I’m good at. That’s what I love. That’s why I got into the business. Back in college, I didn’t dream about getting into advertising because I had some great desire to manage complex departments, deal with HR issues, hire people, fire people, all while trying to predict the future so I could staff up for the next big thing. And guess what? After all these years, those things still aren’t a dream of mine. They’re a nightmare. So when we set out to design a better agency model, one of our goals was to create a structure that would allow us to spend most of our time doing what we love. And doing what clients love about us. The creative.

John Butler

John Butler

General Manager / Partner
Email: jbutler@partnersriley.com

John’s 30 years in the biz span every industry imaginable. With a degree in writing and significant experience in media, he’s as meddlesome in the creative department as he is in media—although his forte’s brand strategy.

I once worked at an agency which included creating a signature campaign among its annual goals. In other words, develop advertising for a client that is so intrusive, so distinctive that everyone would know this agency had produced it. Apparently they were absent at marketing communications school the day they taught marketing communications. Shouldn’t the goal of all branding efforts be to make the seller’s good or service appear distinct from other sellers, not to make the agency distinct from other agencies? That’s why I like our model. It ensures that every element of branded marketing we strategize, develop and produce will be executed by a team brought together specifically for that purpose and that purpose alone. Having goals is important. But they need to be the right goals.

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