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Mouthpiece: Famous Voiceover Talent

By Staff Writer
In June 7, 2012

It used to be that A-listers would cringe at the thought of doing a commercial. The only exception was to do an ad in other parts of the globe. It was okay to jump on a jet, head to Japan and do an ad for … oh, I don’t know, Suntory Whisky or something. A way to reap all the benefits of a big paycheck, while not ruining your reputation stateside.

In the past, one way of getting around the possibility of tarnishing one’s career by appearing in a commercial was to do an uncredited voiceover. However, today the negative stigma seems to have diminished. Famous spokespeeps can be seen and heard praising big brands that have big budgets without an askance look from critics.

Without the fear of bidding their budding careers adieu, a voiceover is a way to make a quick buck for the famous few. You may be able to discern between such voices as Morgan Freeman, Richard Dreyfuss, Sean Connery and James Earl Jones. But, here are some other famous folks who have joined the ranks of actor-slash-voice talent. See how many you can guess correctly. Answers are provided at the bottom. Good luck!

ANSWERS: John Krasinski, John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, Queen Latifah

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