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In August 12, 2014

So I thought since I’m practically an employee here, I’d start up an e-mail and Twitter account. Yep, brilliant. I had to lie about my age to get the e-mail, but in dog years, I’m plenty legal. (That’s right, dawg, plen-tee.) I live with John Butler and company and carpool with the man as well. We’re both huge Browns and Tribe fans but the return of 23 is NOT discussed at home or the workplace. I’m the LBJ fan, by the way. That’s all I’m saying. My day consists of lounging around at John’s feet and taking an occasional stroll over by Darin to sad-eye him till he produces some treats. He did, after all, teach me the “gimme paw” trick. He’s trying to get me to speak now and I think it’s ridiculous, but he keeps trying. More power to him. Okay, I fell asleep for a bit and lost my train of thought. Hmm, where was I going with this? Oh yeah! Twitter! I will be following some of my favorite people, places and things in and around the CLE and hope to make some friends along the way. If you wanna follow me, you can click this and check out my page!


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My wheels are always turning. I love writing about different aspects of my pedal-powered commute to our downtown office, the ever-changing CLE landscape, and helping others express their blogs visually with unique graphic devices. No two days are ever the same…either at work or just getting here.