iBrochure for B2B Marketing

Six Ways an iBrochure Can Benefit Your B2B Marketing Communications

By Kathleen Battin
In June 23, 2014

If B2B marketing is your specialty, like it is for Partners Riley, the word ‘brochure’ is a common noun in your vocabulary. A brochure gives you more real estate to expound on the features and benefits of a product and/or service – permitting more information than any print or online ad. B2B marketing has evolved quite a bit in recent years with new developments in technology and devices such as the iPad. With all kinds of new advertising options now at a B2B marketer’s finger tips, communications tools such as the traditional brochures could become a distant memory, thanks in part to the iBrochure.

To fully understand how an iBrochure can be an asset to your B2B marketing initiatives, just take a look at some of the benefits outlined below.

B2B Marketing iBrochure Infographic

Partners Riley recently had the opportunity to develop an iBrochure for our B2B client FMC Professional Solutions. The product was Verifi®, a bed bug detector that is utilized by pest management professionals to confirm that a bed bug infestation exists, confirm that a bed bug treatment was successful and to monitor the room for any future bed bug infestations.

Once the Verifi iBrochure was developed, a domain was purchased and the iBrochure was uploaded, and is now conveniently located online where anyone, particularly sales representatives, can access and share with their customers.

Click here to check out the iBrochure for the Verifi bed bug detector for yourself.

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