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Snackable Social Media Tip: Collaboration is Key

By Staff Writer
In October 29, 2014

I used to be pretty good at basketball, in my heyday. I became an expert at running suicides and sinking a corner shot. But, more importantly, I learned the art of teamwork and collaboration. If you don’t know the playbook, execute it correctly or communicate with your teammates and coaches, things can get ugly out on the basketball court. If a play starts to go south, good collaboration with your teammates will enable you to react and resolve the error quickly. You have to put the practice time in, listen to critiques and suggestions and learn how your team operates in order to function as a cohesive unit.

To take this off the court, I believe social media requires similar teamwork and collaboration. Yes, you may have a community manager or social media strategist who manages the day-to-day. But what makes you shine in social media are all of the incredible people on your team, behind the scenes who manufacture your product, perform your service, answer customer’s questions and manage the not-so-fun stuff that ultimately gets the job done. Your whole team matters!
The real beauty of social media is that it shines through all of your people and the content they create and ideas they contribute. Social media should not live in a bubble. It should touch every part of your business to give your customers a well-rounded and authentic experience.

Here are a few basic things you can do to start collaborating with your team better:

  1. Meet Quarterly to Talk Content:

    This meeting should involve all of your key decision makers; customer service, engineering, research and development, marketing, sales, PR, management and any other department you may have. Set some time aside each quarter to come together and discuss the upcoming quarter. Talk about each department’s goals and initiatives, any events coming up, new product launches, what type of content needs to be created, etc. This type of collaboration can help your social media manager stay on top of what’s going on in order to ensure that your social media is cohesive and represents all areas of your business. No one likes to be left out.

    This is also great opportunity to brainstorm some ideas, throw some new tactics out on the table and get your various departments thinking in a whole new way. Let the engineer who sits behind a work table all day every day give his two cents on your Snapchat strategy. Great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. The key to this part is to remind everyone it is just brainstorming. Every idea will not be executed and there is “technically” no bad idea in a brainstorming session. No one likes a Debbie Downer, either.

    Don’t forget to also discuss last quarter’s progress. This is a great time for your social media strategist to highlight what worked, what didn’t and set new goals and expectations going into the next quarter. The more your team feels informed, the more buy-in and participation you are likely to have.

  2. Integrate your Social Media to Complement with the Overarching Business Plan:

    This tactic goes hand in hand with the one above. Now that you have had the very important team meeting, it’s time to put your tweet where your mouth is. It’s very easy to say you are collaborating, but it is a whole other ball game to follow through on it. It’s easy to segment social as its own entity. It is different in terms of how you communicate, but at the end of the day you should have one overarching business plan that all efforts, even social media, are working toward. As you create your social media strategy, take all of the information, feedback and ideas you received in the team meeting and create a plan of action that integrates each department. Work toward achieving small successes that will contribute to your overarching business goals.

    No matter if it is a print ad, TV commercial, digital ad or Facebook post, they should all remain united and complement one another. If your print ads have different messaging than your Twitter promotions, you are missing out on creating one resonating brand voice. That does not mean every tweet needs to be a line of copy from your print ad or even be a pitch to “buy now.” You need to make sure you don’t put your content into silos. Create correlation and cross-over between your content so customers get a cohesive message no matter the platform or medium.

  3. Share the Spotlight:

    Part of collaboration is not hogging the spotlight. Be sure to take the time to shine the spotlight on the awesome people in all areas of your business. It is easy to feature your CMO and CEO all of the time. They are usually dynamic and doing share-worthy things. But the reality is your community wants to see the real people, the people they talk to on the customer service line, the person taking the time to create the product or do the service that they love. Everyone in your organization does share-worthy things and it is up to you to take the time to find those moments and share them. Betty in customer service will get a kick out of all of the likes she gets on Facebook. Give your people the chance to shine. You won’t regret it.

    Also, don’t forget to share the love with other likeminded influencers, brands or organizations. Discover ways you can pay it forward and collaborate. We all have “that friend” who can’t stop talking about themselves. Don’t be “that brand.”

  4. Share The Good (and Bad) Tidings:

    Now that you have gotten input from your team members, created an integrated social media strategy and executed it, it’s time to share the fruits of your team’s labor. People will be even more excited and empowered to do more if they are able to see the impact that their ideas and content are making. Create a simple, monthly, one- to two-page snapshot report that highlights the highs, and even lows from that month (everyone gets negative feedback from time to time). Keep it top level and easy to understand or they won’t read it. Let your team see what customers are saying about the new product release, how happy they are with your customer service and who is talking about your brand. By sharing these small snapshots of your social media outreach at work, your team will get a little more pep in their step for your next quarterly content planning meeting.

I hope you found a few takeaways to enhance your team collaboration. Remember, social media is a team effort. Don’t silo your content development and social media in the marketing department. Engage and utilize your biggest asset; your people.

Do you have some collaboration tips and ideas I did not discuss? We’d love to hear what your team does to better collaborate. Leave your tips in the comments below.

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