Snackable Social Media Tip: Content Curation Tools

Snackable Social Media Tip: Content Curation Tools

By Staff Writer
In August 26, 2014

In this snackable social media tip, I am going to share some of my favorite content curation and management tools that make finding, saving and sharing content easier. There are a ton of tools out there and everyone eventually develops their own platform crushes. Here are my latest platform flings.

1. Get Organized with Hootsuite

This platform tip is specifically geared toward Twitter. If you are an avid Twitter user like myself and follow close to 2,000 people, or even more, it can be hard to sort through the fluffy posts to find the golden nuggets of knowledge. Hootsuite–which if you’ve read any of my past blogs, you know it’s one of my favorite tools– has a great feature to make it easier to sort through the 177 million tweets sent out on a daily basis. First you need to set-up Twitter lists. What are Twitter lists? Lists are a segmentation tool on Twitter that lets you designate groups of followers based on interest, relationship or category. By segmenting your followers into lists you are able to view tweets from each group separately and easily navigate updates from industry thought leaders vs. your friends and family. You can organize your lists in easy to view feeds in a Hootsuite dashboard, so you can view each list as a separate feed in one easy to view place:

Hoosuite Feeds

Getting organized is important because of how fast Twitter moves. On a typical day there are 5,700 tweets sent per second. Creating lists and organizing them in Hootsuite can help you gain quicker access to quality content and be as efficient as possible with your most valuable asset: your time.

2. Curate and Share Better Content, Quicker with Feedly, Buffer and Pocket

Content is important to the success of any social media strategy. Your followers, fans and customers are looking to be entertained, informed and delighted by your content, or they will unfollow you. Sometimes finding and curating high quality content can take quite a bit of time. There are a lot of great tools out there that can make your life easier, and make finding great content to share more manageable.

Here are three of my favorite tools to use that help make finding and posting quality content a cinch.

Content Curation Tool: Feedly

The first tool I want to share is called Feedly, a content aggregation platform that allows you to collect all of the sites you love to read – blogs, magazines, news and more all in one seamless and easy to use location. If any of you are familiar with Google Reader which was discontinued, it is a similar concept but much more robust. A nice feature is that Feedly lets you view your content in multiple layout options, whether you like looking at just photos and headlines, just headlines or even like reading post summaries you can personalize to your liking. It also has great tagging options so you can keep your content organized and accessible when needed by category. Plus Feedly provides some great advanced sharing options that let you save articles across multiple devices and social media platforms. You can even add them directly to services such as Buffer or Pocket, which are two handy tools I am going to cover next that create an even more seamless experience.

Feedly Features

Content Curation Tool: Buffer

So that leads me to the second tool I want to talk about, Buffer, an app lets you manage your social networks by letting you schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn based on a pre-made schedule of times you create. All you have to do is fill up your Buffer queue at one time during the day, at your convenience and then Buffer will “automagically” post them for you throughout the day. This way you can effectively spread your posts out over the course of a day or week without having to manually post or schedule them out individually. This is nice because you may like to, or only have time, to read articles in the morning or evening and do not want to tweet out all 10 articles you find at that one time which is not efficient and many people may not see them based on how fast Twitter moves. Buffer lets you automagically tweet all the time!

Buffer Tweeting Features

Buffer also has several extensions that make it even easier to use. For instance you can add a post to your Buffer directly from your Feedly account.

Buffers Feedly Integration

A lot of sites now have the Buffer sharing tool built into each post so you can add a post to Buffer directly from a sites webpage.

Hot to Add to Buffer

And lastly, you can download the Buffer extension right into your browser so no matter what webpage you are on, you can add it to your Buffer queue or share it in real-time.

Buffer Browser Extension

Also, to clarify, a scheduling tool like Buffer should not replace live interaction and engagement with people. Buffer is a great tool to help you schedule out rich content consistently that is informational and relevant for your audience at one time. This is especially great if you are busy balancing a lot of job responsibilities beyond social media. Not everyone has time to tweet all day.

Content Curation Tool: Pocket App

The third tool I want to share is Pocket, one of my all-time favorites. Pocket is a mobile read-later service that lets you save links you find now, but do not have time to read until later. Twitter has even integrated this tool into its platform. So say you are taking a break from that 100 slide PowerPoint deck to scan Twitter on your phone and reply to some tweets and you see a tweet from yours truly about social media that sounds interesting, but you do not have time to read it. You can open the tweet on your mobile phone, click the three dot expanded menu option and click “Send to Pocket” where it will be added to your Pocket app. You can then access that article in your Pocket app at a later time as well as any other articles you have saved without having to go back and find it on Twitter.

Pockets Twitter Integration

Oh, and I forgot to mention that you don’t even need Wi-Fi to access the articles you save to Pocket (say what!?) If you travel a lot, this is a great way to burn that extra time waiting to board your plane when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

This app has been so handy for me it has even earned a trusted spot on my iPhones home screen. Pocket also has Buffer built in so you can add it directly to your queue from the app. And you guessed it; Feedly also has a Pocket plugin, which makes it even easier to keep your content organized and accessible no matter where you are or what device you are on.

Those are a few of my favorite content curation tools. Now it’s your turn to spill. What are some of your favorite content tools?

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