Snackable Social Media Tip: Get Visual With Your Content

Snackable Social Media Tip: Get Visual with Your Content

By Staff Writer
In September 30, 2014

“A picture is worth a thousand words” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to social media. If you do not have a visual content strategy, you need to get one and here’s why. Photos on social media have the same effect as a toddler on a sugar high. Both demand attention, you cannot ignore them when they make their way into your eyesight and they create a chain reaction.

Some stats: Facebook photos spur a whopping 87% interaction rate, and adding a photo URL to your Tweet can increase your retweets by 35%.

And in case you were wondering, this is what six toddlers on a sugar high looks like:

Toddlers on A Sugar High

Uncle Jared AKA my husband knows a thing or two about handling sugared-up toddlers.

It is more memorable and entertaining after seeing the picture, right? No matter what industry, brand or product your company represents, everyone has a visual story to tell.

Here are some basic visual content idea starters to get your brain reeling:

  • Showcase your product and its many uses, both conventional and unconventional.
  • Behind the scenes looks and teasers. Show fans your process and all of the effort that goes into creating the perfect service or product that is just for them.
  • Showcase a day in the life of your brand. Your brand is made up of people. Don’t forget to show your human side.
  • Spotlight your fans and give back to your avid supporters.
  • Tout your awesome employees and continue give a face to your brand. Team photos, events or office happenings are very share-worthy. People like people.
  • Tap into your consumer’s human nature when enjoying #SundayFunday or #ThrowbackThursday. We all have a throwback or two. Or fifty.
  • Illustrate your product data and facts and bring them to life in order to make them more appealing and memorable.

Those are just a few fish in the visual content sea. I recommend making time quarterly to sit down with someone from each department of your team to generate visual content ideas. Make sure to consider what content will add value to your consumer’s social media feeds. Don’t create content that will become another “just because” photo in a world where there is already one too many “just because” #selfies. And remember, visual content can be anything from a SlideShare deck, video, GIF, infographic or photo. Don’t limit yourself to just one medium. See what type of content your audience shares and engages with most and tap into that. With the right approach, I promise you will see your content spike like a sugared-up toddler.

Now that you have the ideas, it’s time to start executing. Some of you may have access to a full-time graphic designer, photographer and even production team; lucky you! For those of you who do not, don’t fret. There are a ton of great visual content editing websites and apps that will make you look and feel like a pro.

  • Canva – This site lets your inner graphic designer come out and play. It is a content marketers’ dream come true.
  • Over – Add beautiful typography and art over photos.
  • Jittergram – GIF-out with this 3D stereogram app.
  • Kanvas – This app combines everything you love about Instagram, GIFs and Vine with a touch of typography.
  • PicMonkey – This is an all-in-one photo editing app.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express – Fix any photo issues on the fly with this handy app.
  • VSCO Cam – This app lets you have more control over your mobile phone’s camera options.
  • – Easy to use chart and stat generator.
  • Piktochart – Create beautiful infographics in a few short steps.
  • Paint.NET – A Photoshop alternative that offers many of the same features, but runs on PCs.
  • Unsplash – This site provides free high-resolution stock photos and they add 10 new photos every 10 days.
  • PowToon – This site lets you create animated videos and presentations that are amazing and free.
  • Placeit – If you have a mobile app and you need to market it, this screenshot tool is for you.
  • Timeline Slicer – This site lets you design images made just for Facebook.
  • Recite – As their website says, this site turns a quote into a masterpiece.

Those are a few of my favorites. Now it’s your turn to spill. What are some of your favorite visual content editing websites and apps?

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