Social Media And Technology are Like Bread and Butter

Social Media And Technology, Like Bread And Butter

By Staff Writer
In December 20, 2011

Some people used to believe DVDs would never replace VHS, and that thousands of songs would never fit on MP3 players the size of a quarter! These same people are waiting for the Facebook bubble to burst and for the Twitter fad to pass. Well, whether you are a social media believer or just love technology, you will not be able to deny the cool factor these gadgets have. Although there are many people still holding out on adopting a social media, techno-geek lifestyle, it is slowly working its way into our everyday lives and the technology we use. These gadget prototypes (some of which are just concepts) are just a glimpse of what the future may hold.

1. The BlindSpot Cane:

The Blindspot Cane

This is no ordinary cane; it doubles as a smart phone that uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to create a seamless navigation and unique social experience for visually handicapped people. The unique feature the BlindSpot Cane has is its Foursquare check-in integration that verbally alerts the user when a friend is nearby. It even goes as far as telling the user how many steps away their friend is and the name of the specific location. This technology it not only awesome, but extremely beneficial for so many people.

To see all of the other amazing features the Blindspot Cane has in action, watch this documentary exploring the creation of the prototype:

2. Social Media/Augmented Reality Mirrors:

Social Bathroom Mirror

Wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face, check last night’s Facebook status updates, comb your hair, and then tweet your fellow tweeps a good morning greeting — all with the help of one social savvy bathroom mirror. I first spotted this mirror on Keith Stoekeler’s Blog “All That Inspires Me” and thought “I need this!” After a little more digging I found this concept mirror that The New York Times’ R&D lab created using Microsoft Kinect technology. Their augmented reality mirror allows you to monitor your morning routine, check the weather, watch videos, scroll news headlines, monitor your health and even more! Sometimes a mirror is not a girl’s best friend; in this case I would make an exception.

To see how this mirror works watch this video from The New York Times’ R&D lab:

3. The Canine Twitterer:

The Canine Twitterer

Have you set-up a Twitter or Facebook account for any of your beloved pets? I am sad to say I personally know many people who have in fact done just that. Now if they went through the hassle of setting up the account, imagine the upkeep it must take to think like a four-legged fur ball when updating their witty status from “sleeping in a laundry basket” to “eating Kibbles ‘n Bits.” I must say Boo, Facebook’s most popular dog is actually quite entertaining and so darn cute, that I am actually one of his 2, 576,936 followers. The handy Canine Twitterer now lets the pets do the tweeting for themselves. The tag connected to your pet’s collar uses a motion sensor and microphone to interpret your pet’s activity or lack thereof. It then selects an appropriate four-legged message from one of the 500 pre-loaded tweets that are stored on a USB device connected to your computer. So no fear pet lovers, your furry friend can have a social life too!

4. The Little Printer:

Berg Cloud Little Printer

If not only for the cute factor, you are going to love this little guy (or gal). The Little Printer by Berg Cloud is a one-stop source for all of your social media and news updates. You can set-up your favorite subscriptions, link your favorite social media platforms and even lifestyle apps to feed you daily news and updates in a mini-newspaper fashion. You can even directly link to your Little Printer from a smartphone app to send friends messages and much more! I already have the perfect spot picked out for my Little Printer, I may name him Bob.

To see all of the awesome features The Little Printer has be sure to watch this video:

5. Park4U:

Park4U Car App

The Park4U iPhone app developed by Valeo automatically parks your car for you. You can even activate the parking system on your smartphone from the exterior. Just think, you never have to parallel park again … a girl can dream. I am sure the Drive4U app is coming soon!

To see the app in action watch this video:

6. Interactive Draqie Table Top:

draqie touch table

The Draqie interactive table top design is definitely a look into what future restaurants will all be implementing as technology continues to develop. These table tops give customers a quick ordering solution and an interactive outlet throughout their entire dining experience. We have seen the iPad menus, but these new table top design concepts offer maximum simplicity for every diner from the moment they sit down till the moment they pay via the table top checkout feature. Even though this is an example specific to the food industry, there is no limit to where this technology can be implemented in the future.

The New York Times’ R&D lab also has a pretty cool prototype of what the everyday household kitchen table of the future may look like. Check it out here:

If nothing else, I hope I have inspired those of you who are hesitant to embrace technology to rethink that decision. Technology is an exciting thing, but with all things it should come in moderation. I do not recommend nor condone anyone becoming a techno-zombie because obviously human interaction is and will always be a positive thing!

If you have any more innovative examples of technology to share, we would love to hear about them.

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