FMC Verifi Launch Campaign

The Launch Lived Up To The Hype

By Kathleen Battin
In October 27, 2011

After nearly three years of planning and three exceedingly hectic months preparing the launch materials, our client FMC Professional Solutions launched the Verifi™ bed bug detector last week in New Orleans at PestWorld 2011. While we’ll cover the complete launch in more detail in future blogs, this blog will focus on the build up to the launch – the teaser campaign.

Bed bugs have become a global pandemic in recent years and detecting them has proven to be extremely difficult, so we knew we were in a position to generate a lot of product interest in advance of the launch date. We set out to create a campaign to build interest around this new product during the months leading up to the launch. We wanted to generate excitement for this new device while educating potential customers (in this case, pest management professionals) about the entirely new revenue stream it adds to their businesses.

The process began in mid-August with the creation of a Twitter handle (@FMCbedbug) which allowed us to establish a following of engaged users approximately a month prior to beginning the teaser campaign. Before we tweeted any teaser messages, we generated discussion about bed bug news and the challenges that bed bug detection and treatment creates for professionals.

QR Code Verifi Bed Bug Detector Ad

The first piece of teaser creative appeared in mid-September. A print ad featured a large QR code made from hundreds of images of bedrooms and just a couple images of bed bugs, to demonstrate just how challenging it is to find these pests. When scanned, the QR code directed people to a microsite with a countdown to the launch date, a place to sign up for updates and a link to the @FMCbedbug Twitter account.

Verifi Website Countdown

Press releases featuring the Twitter account and the countdown microsite were sent out and picked up by the pest industry trade media. Not by coincidence, FMC was one of the main sponsors of the North American Bed Bug Summit in Chicago at approximately the same time as the ad and microsite were released. Representatives from FMC manned a booth that featured a big screen countdown clock that attracted traffic and attention from members of the industry. Additionally, a number of highly respected bed bug researchers who were speaking at the Summit, and confidentially working with FMC on product development and testing, hinted at a revolutionary new bed bug detection device that would be launched in less than a month.

And, we were off and running. Advertising, public relations, industry media outlets, client representatives and industry researchers all working together to tease this new innovation from FMC. During the next three weeks, an email blast, direct mail, online rich media ads, updates for those who signed up at the countdown microsite and Twitter posts all continued to tease the launch of this new bed bug detection device, without so much as a mention of the name or sneak peek of the product. This all led to quite a buzz with the pest industry. Even competitors of FMC and their advertising agencies were signing up online trying to get any information they could.

The traffic in the FMC booth at PestWorld was unbelievable, but these statistics demonstrate the fever pitch of excitement as we neared the moment of the product’s debut. By all accounts, the teaser campaign and the Verifi bed bug detector launch have been major successes. In the seven days since the product launched, the Verifi bed bug detector video has been viewed more than 2,000 times and the FMC Professional Solutions website has experienced a 221.5% increase in traffic.

Verifi Teaser Campaign Results

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