Fall TV Show Lineup

The New Fall Prime TV Show Predictions

By Staff Writer
In September 23, 2014

Every fall, with the crispness of autumn air comes the anticipation and prediction frenzy among TV critics and media buyers over which new primetime shows will survive and who will be the first to tank. It is part of the nerve-racking fun we go through each year – both in our professional life as well as our personal TV viewership. This season, I wanted to be as impartial as possible. So I came up with a list of winners and losers for each network. Here are my guesses – share yours and let the debate begin.

Of the older shows, the most anticipated return would be for The Blacklist with James Spader’s well-deserved nominated portrayal of Reddington. Let’s hope last year’s #1 new drama can escape the sophomore jinx so many shows have experienced and wind up a winner again.

Now, as promised, my fall TV show winner and loser predictions by network (in alphabetical order):


Winner – Black-ish. This is a funny family comedy starring Anthony Anderson with great support from talents such as Laurence Fishburne. The dad is as lovable as Bill Cosby, but not quite as smart. Its humor should garner widespread popularity.

Loser – Manhattan Love Story. Although this sitcom claims to be unique with its love for the city of NY as well as between its two leads, it is a pretty predictable, typical rom-com found in primetime.


Winner – NCIS: New Orleans. This show has become the most anticipated drama. And you can see why. It has a built-in fan base from the show that launched it, Scott Bakula fans anda great timeslot between NCIS and Person of Interest on Tuesdays at 9pm. I think it’ll help that it’s also opposite sitcoms and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which never caught on as ABC had hoped. It also competes with Supernatural, a guilty pleasure of mine when it first started, but not a ratings champ.

Loser – Scorpion. Interesting premise, not a bad pilot, but just not the total package. CBS is pushing Katharine McPhee (though I’m not sure why as she is not high on anyone’s Q score of likeability) over the quirky nerds. Plus it is opposite juggernauts like The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, sleeper hits like Sleepy Hollow and new potential sleeper, Jane the Virgin.


Winner – The Flash. Spinning off from the successful Arrow, this should do well on Tuesdays at 8pm against older skewing NCIS (CBS) and already dismally-rated Utopia(FOX) and nothing-special Selfie (ABC). Look for NCIS to win with The Voice decision show second, but Flash to do reasonable numbers in younger demo akin to Arrow. It is not as dark as Arrow, so its humor might broaden the appeal.

No real losers, as only two shows are debuting on the CW this September.


Winner – Gotham. Fox is certainly promoting this show. Comic-con gave a thumbs up to this show focusing on future-Commissioner Gordon crime fighting in the city that will give birth to Batman, Catwoman and the Penguin. Backstories could prove interesting, but some critics feel a city with no Christian Bale as Batman might keep the show from gaining a big foothold on viewers.

Loser – Utopia. As previously-mentioned, this show started early with abysmal ratings. Don’t look for any saving spurts of growth here. A premise of trying to create a Utopian village from scratch quickly deteriorated into people opting to play more ego-driven survivor than humanitarian.


Winner – Constantine. This is not a great show, but it is a decent one with a likeable star. With a lead-in from Grimm with a similar audience, it should do fine against older Blue Bloods and 20/20. Of course, being on a Friday night will hamper any top ten ratings.

Loser – Bad Judge. Simply put, bad comedy. Plus it is opposite ABC’s comet in Scandal.

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