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Top Five From The Hive

By Kathleen Battin
In December 12, 2014

Can you believe 2015 is right around the corner? Neither can we! The year 2014 has been pretty exciting all around. The King made his return to Cleveland, the GE Chandelier lit up Playhouse Square and Partners Riley was born. Among these memorable moments, there was also some great content that we churned out on our blog. So before it’s filed off to the archive as we close yet another year, here is a collection of our favorite blogs from the past twelve months.

  1. Gamification Techniques To Drive Brand Awareness
  2. Gamification Techniques

    Through gamification techniques, brands can drive brand awareness, engage their community, motivate and create loyal customers.

  3. Do You Recognize The Celebrity Voice Over Talent?
  4. Celebrity Voice Over Talent

    How well do you know that voice? Match the commercial with correct celebrity voiceover talent.

  5. Six Ways an iBrochure Can Benefit Your B2B Marketing Communications
  6. iBrochure for B2B Marketing

    When compared to traditional brochures, iBrochures offer so many more benefits and should be part of your B2B marketing communications.

  7. 10 Tips For Better B2B Marketing
  8. B2B Marketing Tips

    Better B2B marketing can be created by adhering to the same rules that drive the development of great B2C marketing.

  9. Generation DIY Is Flourishing With the Help of Social Media
Generation DIY

Social media has helped Generation DIY flourish. Sites like Pinterest and YouTube have brought DIY projects to everyone’s fingertips.

Perhaps you had a favorite that didn’t make our list. Let us know what it is and Happy Holidays from Partners Riley!

Kathleen Battin

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