Walnut Wednesday Food Truck Tour: Stop 14, Fired Up Tacos

Walnut Wednesday Summer Tour 2014: Fired Up Taco Truck

By Staff Writer
In August 20, 2014

Food Intro: Let’s get fired up for stop fourteen, the final review on our 2014 Walnut Wednesday Summer Tour: Fired Up Taco Truck

Food Truck Name: Fired Up Taco Truck

Type of Food: Mexican

Who Should Eat Here: Taco lovers even when it’s not Tuesday!

Fired Up Tacos Cleveland Food Truck


*Long, exaggerated sigh* My last truck review…this is a rather depressing topic as my food truck reviewing and rendezvousing has come to one final stop as my internship here comes to a close. While this is upsetting, all good things must come to an end. Emotions aside, I’m pretty pumped about my last lunch. Word on the street is that Fired Up has really, really good tacos. Better yet, their fries are awesome! I’ve gotten to be quite the connoisseur of fries recently. I’ve had crinkle with spicy aioli, eggplant with pesto aioli (to. die. for.), tots with rosemary and sea salt and now seasoned battered fries with chipotle aioli from Fired Up! I ate the entire box, which was a heaping order, but way too good to stop. I also had their Original Fired Up taco, which had slaw, corn salsa, chicken, jack cheddar, fried onions, and chipotle aioli (you know how much I love aioli.) This lunch was a great way to end my Walnut Wednesday adventures and my last week of work. Unfortunately for me, I’m headed back to good ol’ Bowling Green to finish my last year of college. #GoFalcons

Fired Up Tacos Walnut Wednesday Review

Over the past 10 weeks, I haven’t had a single meal disappoint me. I’m pretty sure I ate my body weight in food. So much for eating healthier this summer! #notsorry Everyone in the office caught on pretty quick that I needed to be fed regularly to keep my hangriness at bay. Good thing I had a fleet of 14 trucks to keep my attitude in check and my belly stuffed to the max every Wednesday! Here’s a recap of all the food trucks that we reviewed:

  1. The Orange Truk
  2. Pig Lickin’ Good BBQ
  3. Zydeco Bistro
  4. The Nosh Box
  5. The Green Machine
  6. Hodge Podge
  7. Krav
  8. Off The GRIDdle
  9. Wholly Frijoles
  10. Sushi on the Roll
  11. The Manna Truck
  12. Wok n Roll
  13. The Original Steaks and Hoagies
  14. Fired Up Taco Truck

While my trips to Walnut Wednesday have ended, there is still time for you to keep enjoying all of the wonderful food! Visit any of the past reviews to find out more information on each truck. Also, follow Fired Up on Facebook and Twitter @fireduptacos so that you can grab some insanely stellar tacos and bomb fries. Keep in touch with Downtown Cleveland Alliance on Facebook as they post the truck line-up every Wednesday!


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