Walnut Wednesday Food Truck Tour: Stop 10, Sushi On The Roll

Walnut Wednesday Summer Tour 2014: Sushi on the Roll

By Staff Writer
In July 23, 2014

Food Intro: If there is one type of food that is on the rise (er, should I say on a roll) it’s sushi. What better way to celebrate stop number ten of our 2014 Walnut Wednesday Summer Tour than with: Mobile Sushi Bar – Sushi on the Roll?

Food Truck Name: Mobile Sushi Bar – Sushi on the Roll

Type of Food: Seafood/Sushi

Who Should Eat Here: Got the taste for sushi? Never tried it? Either way, there is something for the faint of heart or sushi snob.

Sushi On The Roll Walnut Wednesday Food Truck


Like it or not, sushi has become one of the most trendy food options available. I just jumped on the sushi bandwagon last year and found myself going to half-off sushi nights with friends every Thursday. #sushithursdays Before I was hooked, I was lumped with many other skeptics, fearful of eating seaweed and raw fish. To debunk some myths, not all sushi is raw. There are plenty of rolls to choose from that are thoroughly cooked. And no, the seaweed isn’t like the kind found in Lake Erie. There are actually a bunch of different kinds of seaweed that are often used for cooking, like kelp. Additionally, you can’t even taste it. Plus it’s high in iodine, which is good for your thyroid. #suckitup The way I see it, we eat plenty of food without knowing how it’s actually made, like Slim-Jim’s. Which looks like pureed red mulch encased in edible Scotch Tape and covered in some unidentified grease. YUM. I think we are all guilty of eating them at one point or another. At least with sushi, what you see is what you get. If you’ve been on the fence about trying sushi this Walnut Wednesday, start with the Midwest’s very first Mobile Sushi Bar: Sushi on the Roll.

Whether you are a sushi snob, or a newbie, Mobile Sushi Bar – Sushi on the Roll has something that will curb your sushi craving. I’ve had my eye on this truck since my first trip to Walnut Wednesday. For reasons unknown, I passed it up each week. However, this week I thought that I should try to stay a little on the healthier side. I’m reluctant to admit that I’ve gained 5 pounds since I’ve started interning at Partners Riley. I’m blaming it on the past seven Wednesdays, but honestly, how can I be mad? #worthit Enough about my personal struggles. I ordered the Crazy Cali Roll which has crab, avocado, cucumbers, spicy crab and a spicy aioli. This roll was perfectly spicy and wonderfully fresh. In addition to the sushi, I also got the Crabby Rito sushi wrap. This mamma jamma of a wrap included spicy crab, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumbers, scallions, carrots, rice, cream cheese and crunchies in a wheat tortilla. Ultimately, the Rito had all of my favorites wrapped into one. For the money you pay, you get a lot of food. Since I was pretty full after the Rito, I willingly gave away half of my roll to my salivating co-workers. If you want to ease into the whole sushi movement, try the wrap. You get the essence of sushi, without the full effect. However, if you don’t take a crack at the sushi you’re missing out. #DontBeAWimp

Sushi On The Roll Cleveland Food Truck Review

The truck is the mobile extension of the restaurant location in Medina that launched in 2007. To catch a great deal, go Tuesday-Saturday from 4-6pm when they feature $5 regular rolls. To catch where they’ll be rolling next, find them on Facebook and Twitter @SushiOnTheRoll. Still not sold on sushi? Give these nine trucks a try: The Orange Truk, Pig Lickin’ Good BBQ, Zydeco Bistro, The Nosh Box, The Green Machine, Hodge Podge, Kräv, Off the GRIDdle and Wholly Frijoles. Enjoy!

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