Walnut Wednesday Food Truck Tour: Stop 12, Wok N Roll

Walnut Wednesday Summer Tour 2014: Wok n Roll

By Staff Writer
In August 6, 2014

Food Intro: This week’s truck will leave you head banging and fist pumping all the way back to the office. Get ready to rock and roll with stop twelve on our 2014 Walnut Wednesday Summer Tour: Wok n Roll.

Food Truck Name: Wok n Roll

Type of Food: Asian American

Who Should Eat Here: This truck is not for those who are timid about deviating from the normal. Come on, get rebellious! If you do, your belly will be rockin’ and rollin’ with some awesome food.

Wok N Roll Cleveland Food Truck


Unlike last week, I knew where I was headed. Like a bat outta’ hell I flew over to Wok n Roll. Catchy name, eh? Cleveland is of course the home of Rock and Roll #freebird It only makes sense to attribute a truck of such intense food with a music genre of equal intensity, vibes and roots. You may have heard of Wok n Roll, not because it’s been around for years, but because it hasn’t. In fact, it’s brand new to the food truck scene in Cleveland. Yet, they are taking the food scene by storm with their inventive and rather boisterous menu items. And cue bragging rights: As of June, Eater, a food scene tell-all website, found that they were in the top 22 hottest food trucks in the country. Better yet, according to Zagat, the popular review and rating site, mentions they are among the top 10 hottest food trucks in the whole flippin’ country. Tricia and Matt, you’re doing something right! #virtualfistbump Speaking of fist bumping, they have a really cool cat named “The Situation” and his fist pumping never ceases.

Like I said before, you have to be willing to try something new to eat at this truck. When I walked up, I had no idea what I was going to get for lunch. Rachel even asked me if I knew what I was ordering and I said, “Nope!” She replied, “Boy, you really aren’t picky!” I can honestly say that I get frustrated with people that don’t want to try something new. It’s always for superficial reasons like “I don’t like the smell. It looks funny. It makes my tongue feel weird. I’m a texture person. I can’t pronounce it, so I won’t like it.” LAME. Step outta your bubble and live a little! You never know until you try, and you can always wash it down with water. I wish that was the case when I tried The Source hot sauce. I’m all about bragging rights. I’ll do something just to say that I did it. So, I tried The Source because it was the hottest hot sauce in the world, comin’ in hot at 7.1 million on the Scoville scale. The tip of the toothpick was all it took to produce instant sweaty armpits, watery eyes, drooling and feet quick enough to bolt through two sets of kitchen doors to find milk and chocolate syrup. Nope, that didn’t help. BUT, I did it. And LIVED. What did you do today? #CantTouchThis Ok, I’m done bragging about myself, but not about my lunch.

I ordered the Korean Poutine, a Korean/French-Canadian Fusion made with tater tots topped with mozzarella cheese, spicy Korean red sauce, caramelized pork and Kimchi Slaw. As a snack, I also ordered Crab Rangoon #bestlifedecison All of it was awesome. I loved the sweet sauce that came on the Crab Rangoon. It wouldn’t have been nearly as good without it. The Korean red sauce was perfectly spicy, yet I thought that it overpowered the dish a tad as the caramelized pork receded from the lime light more than I wanted it to. The Kimchi Slaw was an astounding complement to the entire dish. In layman’s terms, this was like the Asian version of a Carolina style pulled pork sandwich with tots and hot sauce on it – sans the bun and overwhelming BBQ taste.

Wok N Roll Walnut Wednesday Review

Appearing in the middle is “The Situation” – one cool fist pumpin’ kitty! I tried to be like him, but failed miserably. Teach me your fist pumping ways, wise kitty one.

Tricia and Matt – you’re alright in my book. I commend you for being different and rebellious when it comes to food. This Wednesday, I urge you to take a wok on the rock n’ roll side of life. Be sure to follow Wok n Roll on Twitter @CLEWoknRoll and Facebook to find out where they will turn up next! Don’t forget about our other eleven trucks: The Orange Truk, Pig Lickin’ Good BBQ, Zydeco Bistro, The Nosh Box, The Green Machine, Hodge Podge, Kräv, Off the GRIDdle, Wholly Frijoles, Sushi on the Roll: Mobile Sushi Bar and The Manna Truck. Enjoy!

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