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What’s Next For The Smartphone Generation?

By Staff Writer
In June 6, 2013

Imagine a scenario in which elementary school students who are unable to hear or speak can participate in class and converse with their peers all because they have a smartphone. A speech-recognition app provides them with real-time captioning and they are able to sign a response which is then translated by an American Sign Language app. This hypothetical situation isn’t far from reality and as technology evolves so will the expectations and behavior of the next “smartphone generation.”

Nearly two out of 10 kids use smartphones according to an eMarketer article, which cites a Harris Interactive online survey conducted among U.S. students in February 2013. If you narrow down that sample to just high school students, the number of smartphone users jumps to 56%. With each generation, kids are becoming more accustomed to smartphones and all the conveniences that come with them at an earlier age.

The younger smartphone generation uses mobile phones more often, which is also affecting how and when they are accessing the web. Among all users, 79% use a mobile phone for shopping related activities. As young generations grow older, this percentage will likely increase meaning marketers will need to continually adjust the way they reach consumers and retailers will need to modify the way they do business. With smartphones now just a part of everyday life, the new smartphone generation will continue to shape how marketing communications and information in general is shared and consumed.

How has the smartphone generation impacted your business or industry?

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