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Who Says B2B Advertising Can’t Be Creative?

By Staff Writer
In June 17, 2014

The question was raised if B2B advertising can be memorable. Can it be fun? Creative?

The answer is an emphatic, “Yes.” Businesses and consumers have discussed, applauded and made several B2B advertising campaigns viral.

Two examples that come to mind are Caterpillar and Volvo Trucks. In April 2014, Caterpillar entered a new phase of its “Built For It” campaign with a video that became a viral hit. It created a YouTube sensation with its fleet of vehicles playing Jenga. As noted by in an article on, the video showed various Caterpillar machines playing a gigantic version of Jenga.With over 1.1 million hits in just a few days, everyone was talking about it. In fact, the article notes that Jenga’s licenser contacted Archie Lyons, Creative Director, Global Brand Marketing for Caterpillar to request that Catepiller use the“Jenga” name for the video rather than the original title, “Stack”.



I can attest to its viral nature– several folks kindly shared the aforementioned video with me (thanks Bill, Marisa, Marty & Michael). Caterpillar had a traditional print campaign, but this helped launch it into a whole new stratosphere. And as popular as the video is (link below to view), it does its B2B job well. Glamour shots showcase several Caterpillar pieces of equipment and the video demonstrates the precision and versatility that those vehicles possess to play such an intricate game.

And I couldn’t finish this blog without mentioning one of the most successful recent B2B advertising videos that also went viral. It is the famous, and often parodied, Volvo Trucks “The Epic Split” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. In late November, this video now has over 73 million YouTube views. And that is just one video version from Volvo. The video was created to showcase Volvo trucks and their dynamic steering stability and precise handling. It was noted that Volvo estimates it generated over $170 million dollars in revenue from a $3 million video. Now that’s a great ROI.

What creative B2B advertising campaigns do you recall? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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