Why Life In Cleveland Is NOT Stressful

Why So serious?

By Staff Writer
In September 21, 2010

Sky Reflected From North Coast, Thom Sheridan

Cleveland must be the most misunderstood city in the world. We’ve nearly just finished licking our wounds after Forbes dubbed us “The Most Miserable City in the U.S.” and now a recent Gallup poll has Cleveland ranked third on its list of “Most Stressful Metropolitan Areas.” Huh? I don’t know about you, but these surveys are giving me hypertension.

And I respectfully disagree for a lot of reasons — more than I can name here. Instead, I offer you an abbreviated list of my own: The Top Five Reasons Why Life in Cleveland is NOT Stressful.

  1. Commuting. Sure, we share the road with a lot of orange barrels. But our commute is a breeze compared to many other major metropolitan areas. What’s more, the city itself is easy to navigate by car, foot or pedal — and that means a lot coming from an individual like myself, who was born with no internal compass whatsoever and needs a Garmin just to get through department stores.
  2. Food. We eat when we’re stressed, and there aren’t many cities that can boast the kind of eats we have here in Cleveland. We seem to have a knack of making “comfort food gone gourmet” and you won’t have to sweat getting a reservation at our hot spots like they do in New York.
  3. Water. Is there anything more calming than water? The answer is no. The proof is in Enya videos. Anyway, we’ve got water and plenty of it here. The view of Lake Erie is like looking out to the ocean — the water stretches beyond the horizon, as far as the eye can see. We even concept out here when the office gets too hectic. Scenic rivers and streams wind through the Cleveland Metroparks, offering kayakers and fishing enthusiasts alike a great place to blow off steam. And it’s hard to be stressed when you’re asleep on Huntington Beach, unless the guy playing acoustic guitar nearby is really that terrible.
  4. Great Lakes Brewing Company. No explanation necessary, really.
  5. Community. From intramural leagues to art exhibitions to an amazing music scene, there are about a million ways to get away from your worries for awhile. Perhaps the only stressful thing is deciding what to do with your free time!

I could go on and on, but frankly, naming everything that makes life easy here in Cleveland would take me awhile, and I’d much rather relax. Feel free to add your Cleveland-style stress management tips in the comments!

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