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Yes, Virginia, Ad Placement in B2B Marketing Can be Fun!

By Staff Writer
In August 27, 2014

Yes, Virginia, there is a world out there where advertisements in B2B marketing can be fun, creative and totally break through the standards of traditional media. Don’t believe us? Just look at our recent work for FMC Professional Solutions, a manufacturer of highly effective herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. In May, we worked with Superintendent magazine to create a false front cover tip where the creative for our full page ad mimicked the actual cover of the magazine. Essentially, the artwork was a two-page ad that was adhered to the front of the magazine. The front page featured the FMC print ad creative, along with the magazine’s standard header, and the back page contained qualitative information about the line of featured FMC herbicides. Not only was the FMC ad the first thing subscribers saw when receiving the magazine, but they were given more information than would typically appear in a print ad due to the fact it was a two-page ad. The media buy was two-fold; it was a print ad, but also served as collateral that could be removed from the magazine and saved for later use.

Another creative ad placement in B2B marketing was for our “Nip it in the Tuber” campaign. FMC offers a unique pre-sedge herbicide that fights sedge tubers underground before they appear above ground, hence the “Nip it in the Tuber” line. The print ad campaign consisted of taking an average half-page ad budget and rendering it into a three-part advertisement series which literally looked like it jumped from the pages of the editorial. The plan was to have three ads on successive right-hand pages. The first two ads were factoids that were placed within editorial copy and designed to appear as if they were quotes being pulled from the magazine’s featured story. The third ad revealed the pay-off “Nip it in the Tuber” message. We had never seen this technique used before, nor had the publisher. So it took more than one conversation before they would finally give us the okay to go ahead. Thanks to their cooperation, the concept was executed perfectly and totally created the desired effect.

And those are just two examples where with a little creative thinking and disruptive media placement, we helped our client break through the clutter of print advertising. Have you come across any unique media placements related to B2B marketing? We’d love to hear about it, so please comment below!

Staff Writer

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