Downtown Cleveland Gets Bike Friendly

You Just Ran Out Of Excuses

In August 11, 2011

“There’s nowhere safe to lock up my bike.” “I get way too sweaty.” “I wear nice clothes to work.” Up until now, all of those excuses were actually valid points. Not for me. I wear shorts all summer to work and our super hip work environment lets us park our aluminum and steel rides right next to our desks. For the rest of you bike enthusiasts or grocery getters out there that don’t have such luxuries, downtown just got all bike-commuter-friendly on us! It’s The Bike Rack, a 24/7 bicycle garage with a locker room and private changing and shower facility. It is located on East 4th between Prospect and Huron and will only cost you five bucks a day or $25 a month (plus a $20 annual fee). That’s a bargain if you add up gasoline consumption and parking costs! Plus, let’s not forget all of the health benefits associated with pedaling, and that it’s an absolutely wonderful way to start your day or to ride off some of that work stress!

When I was there shooting some pics for this blog, I was fortunate enough to run into John Sirignano, the Bike Rack’s Operations Manager. He was on-site to oversee the security system installation and was kind enough to let me in and take some pics of the nearly-completed interior! I asked when this will all be up and running. He told me in or around a week’s time. If you would like more info on Ohio’s first bike storage facility, check out these articles from fresh water and Cleveland Magazine.

the bike rack exterior

Just days away from opening, The Bike Rack is getting its final tweaks and security checkup.
the bike rack interior

Your bike never had it this good! By bringing your own cable lock, having a security-card entrance and
a Bike Rack associate on hand ensures your trusty steed will be here waiting for you after work.

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